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My campus is absolutely beautiful! 

First acrylic painting! Not to shabby if I do say so ;)
But it’s a sneak peek at what I’ll be doin in a family friends bathroom

I’m so excited to be almost done with my first commission peice!

Trail running! God I love these woods…

Caught this guy while driving home

Update on my commission :)

My boyfriend and I at the spring formal

My name is Clara, i’m 5’10” moderately athletic (played soccer ever since I can remember), I’m a decent singer. Physically I am beautiful and outwardly I am perfect.

To the world I have the best life. But in reality… I spend almost every day wondering why the hell anyone would want to waist any of there precious time on this Earth with me…

I have addictions that i’m not proud of and struggle everyday to overcome. Ever since I can remember I have felt like no one wants me, that if I were to leave today no one would notice. My family is broken in more ways than I care to say, and through the brokenness all i’ve learned from them is to keep everything inside you and when you feel like your about to burst, you hide it even deeper. Because to show any emotion is to show weakness.

The reason for this post is to show that all that my family has taught about emotions me is wrong! IT’S OK TO SHOW EMOTIONS! The biggest mistake you can make is shoving everything down and wait for it all to explode. I’ve learned by being so incredibly lucky enough to find a man who has helped me realize all of this and more. He loves me even when I cry for what I feel are stupid reasons.

If you EVER want someone to talk to, just someone to listen to what’s going on in your life. I’m here for you. Don’t be afraid to message me! (or e-mail if you want:

"love has it’s moments of beauty"

My parents on Indiana Beach a couple summers ago

"the rolling mountains"

The drive back to our hotel in Brazil (about 2/3 hours out side of Rio de Janeiro)